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The Capstone Project


Completing the Campaign

How We Got Here

By the year 2022, Temple Beth El will have served the Jewish community of San Pedro, the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the greater South Bay area for 100 years. We have been a vital presence and a historic center of Jewish life in our region for almost a century. We hope to remain a beacon shining into the future of our South Bay Jewish community for years to come.

We continue to be inspired by the devotion and generosity of the many people who have brought us here, Mi’Dor la’Dor — from Generation to Generation.

Over the years, the families of Temple Beth El have given generously to raise the funds needed to build our presence in the community:

  • In 1922, we began on Beacon Street. 
  • In 1935, the San Pedro Jewish Community Center was dedicated at 19th and Cabrillo Streets.
  • In 1956, our new home on 7th Street was established, and in 1966 our sanctuary was dedicated.
  • In 1985, our building was expanded.
  • In 2005, we established the Rabbi David Lieb Endowment Fund, which has grown to $2.8 million.
  • In 2016, we completed a major $5.5 million renovation of our synagogue center.


Our 2016 major renovation was achieved though the magnanimous and visionary generosity of many. Numerous gifts of different sizes—each reflecting the abilities of our members—generated the cash and commitments necessary for our project. Several major gifts were key to leveraging this accomplishment.

This multi-million dollar goal provided our Building Campaign with the funds needed to enhance our physical facilities. It allowed us to completely remodel Temple Beth El, refurbish our classrooms and other spaces, and improve our outdoor areas for better accessibility, usability and safety. Our beautifully updated Temple supports the vital ongoing and future activities and services which our Beth El family needs.

The current Rock Wall Endowment / Building Campaign Dedication, hanging in our Temple lobby, recognizes donors of gifts of $500,000 and larger. These donors receive noteworthy recognition in this prominent area as their gifts significantly benefit the Temple. For gifts between $500,000 and $1,000,000 the plaque borders are in silver, while for gifts over $1,000,000, the border is marked in gold.

Yet, even as we rejoice in our beautiful new building and our renewed synagogue enthusiasm and energy, there remains a modest amount of funding to be obtained. 

Final Completion

The Building Campaign Committee very successfully funded nearly our entire project, raising over $5,500,000 to do so.

However, at the end of 2018 approximately $400,000 remained on the construction loan, and this Capstone Project seeks to retire this obligation so that the Temple can move forward with its future unencumbered by debt.

It is hoped that members will once again prove their generosity and trust in our Temple, and now make thoughtful key contributions to this, our Capstone Project, the culmination of our Building Campaign. With an eye towards inspiring future generosity, it is hoped that some may increase their aggregate gift amounts to both the Endowment and the Building Campaign up to the levels represented by this Rock Wall honor.

In the words of our Rock Wall Dedication plaque,

היכי דשתלי לי אבהתי שתלי נמי לבראי כי 

As my parents planted for me, so do I plant for my children. (Ta’anit 21a)

Temple Beth El strives to be warm, welcoming, friendly, inclusive, caring, and accepting, as we say:

Walk through our doors and feel our warmth.

Be yourself and be embraced by people who are caring, nurturing, and supportive.

Learn with us.

Pray with us. Sing with us. Play with us.

Eat with us. Laugh and cry with us. Pursue justice with us.

Join us in challenging and inspiring one another to seek answers together.

Come home to Temple Beth El where new friends are waiting to welcome you.