Eternally Grateful – High Holy Days 2021

These are not profound words of wisdom. These are simply words of profound gratitude. We are eternally grateful to Temple Beth El for providing us with a spiritual home. We are eternally grateful to each and every one of you as congregants or participants and for your willingness to be flexible and accepting in a world that is in constant flex. TBE is one of very few congregations that was able to maintain our membership numbers during this pandemic. This was your doing. You have stuck with TBE even though we could not be with each other. You have chosen to participate in our services, take our classes, attend our meetings and financially support us. Our Torah School families have chosen to have their children educated in our school even though it meant more time in front of a computer. This might be a good time to express our eternal gratitude to Randi Sher, our educator for keeping our school functioning and for coming up with so many innovative programs that kept our children engaged. And we are eternally grateful to our Board of Education for all their work.

Doris Jacobson was hired with the idea of increasing our membership through outreach programs. Covid had other plans. Doris, with the help of our Open Tent Committee, was able to turn lemons into lemonade. She and George Mayer are responsible for leading programs such as Neighborhood Connectors, holiday gift bags, and re-establishing MENSch Club, to name a few. Our Communications Committee, our Publicity Committee, our DEIA Committee, our Reopening Task Force, and our Neighborhood Connectors all have worked tirelessly.

Our Board of Directors has led us in making many, many decisions that are keeping us on a forward moving path. Our VP’s, Committee Chairs, and committee members have worked endless hours keeping us informed and engaged.

Our staff, including Carrie, Shoni, and Ron, work as a smooth running team and are a font of all TBE knowledge. Their outside-the-box thinking and ability to implement is beyond comprehension.

Our clergy has not only stepped up, but they have climbed the entire ladder with their leadership and ability to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to challenges that any lessor people would have thrown up their hands in frustration. While mentioning our incredible clergy, we would be remiss if we did not mention our eternal gratitude to our clergy families. You calm them, love them, and comfort them. We are eternally grateful to Josh, Talia and Noam, to Jodi, Jorden, and Zoe.

You all receive our monthly newsletter affectionately referred to as KBE. For many years Mary Cohn volunteered as our editor. We are eternally grateful to Mary for her service. We are also grateful to our new volunteer editor, Julie Paul. We welcome her with figuratively open arms.

We are eternally grateful. L’Shanah Tova.

– TBE Co-Presidents