Educationally Speaking – June 2021

Using What We Learned

Randi Sher, Director of Education

It is hard to believe that our Torah School year has ended. It was a quite different year with Zoom and the changes that brought but it was a productive learning year. We will utilize everything we learned in our planning for the fall.

One of the things we learned is that registration was much easier and efficient online. It was an easy decision to continue with online registration. To register your Torah School and Naor students, please see the link in your bulletin.

We also learned from our in-person events, even those in cars, that being together matters. We hope and plan to be able to gather on Sundays, and add Family Education programs to our schedule. We also learned it is that difficult to meet on Thursdays because of distance and traffic as well as complicated schedules. We are going to continue virtual Hebrew sessions in dyads or triads and remove the worry of traffic and tight schedules.

I have learned about many facets of Torah School and met many Torah School families. I look forward to continuing to do both while learning more about the congregation too.