Educationally Speaking – July 2020

New Beginnings

Randi Sher, Director of Education

Starting a new job can be an uncomfortable undertaking for everyone. Face to face conversations and meeting the community at large often alleviates the stress. The Board of Education for the Torah School has been busy planning opportunities for families to interact with one another and with me.

I look forward to participating and meeting everyone, but I must admit that I am also a bit apprehensive.

This is a funny time to be starting new relationships and meeting new people. With technology, we can bridge many gaps. I want to meet and have a conversation with each Torah School family. I will be emailing all of you next week to set up times to talk, either by phone or by Zoom, and connect with each family.

In this unusual time, everyone has things that have been better than anticipated as well as those that were below expectations. There are things that were harder for adults and those that were tougher on children, and we need to use all of this information moving forward. In all my years in Jewish Education, there is one phrase that always comes back to me. To create successful learning environments for our students, we must meet each child where they are and in a way that assists them with learning.

I look forward to speaking to you to find out where that is for your children and what has worked or not worked in this unusual time. I am excited to join the Temple Beth El community and renew relationships with those of you that I do know and create new relationships with those of you I am going to meet soon.