Educationally Speaking – January 2022

Consecration Reflections

Randi Sher, Director of Education

One of my favorite parts of working in Torah School is Consecration. This year we were able to be in person and recognized our students at the Hanukkah Celebration. Consecration recognizes our kindergartners and new students as they begin their classes.

I like to use Consecration as an opportunity to share the parent’s feelings about their children starting Torah School and to let them tell us why they chose their names. We didn’t have time during the ceremony, so I want to share their feelings and writings with you now.

Understanding where their names came from:

Adam Luis Caplan’s first name, Adam, is for the first man and his middle name, Luis, is for his mom’s father.

Sarina Aviva Gordon was named after her great-great grandmother Serena Goa to honor her memory.

Mitchell Benjaman Greenfader’s Hebrew name comes from his maternal great-grandfather, Simon, who was kind and gentle, and always had a twinkle in his eye. Mitchell’s middle name is spelled “Jaman” with an “a” for his paternal grandmother: Darlene Jaman.

Grace Marie Maier’s Hebrew name Keshet represents an independent, impulsive, adaptable, persuasive, and androgynous female.

Isabella Marie Maier’s Hebrew name Inbar was a name that spoke to Izzy and stands for a girl who has a strong character, who is bold, an authoritarian, has energy, and asserts herself. She is confident and knows what she wants.

Aria Daisy Leah Takara’s Hebrew name Leah is after her mom’s late Aunt Lorraine (her Hebrew name was Leah) and her mom’s paternal grandpa Lewis.

Lishai Journo Weingarten’s Hebrew name Lishai means “my gift” and she was named after her maternal grandmother, Sandra Lee. Our students’ parents tell us what Consecration means to them:

Adam Luis Caplan’s parents said, “Consecration means that Adam is formally beginning his Jewish education. That, in turn, means that our family is recognizing the thousands of years of tradition and history behind him and helping him to carry on that tradition.”

Sarina Aviva Gordon’s parents said, “It means Sarina will grow up with Jewish identity, Jewish ideals and Jewish ethics and morality. She will be part a special, chosen community that expects its members to be positive actors in society.”

Mitchell Benjaman Greenfader’s parents said, “We are excited for Mitchell to begin his Jewish education. It is important to us that he learns Jewish values, culture, and history, and is supported by the TBE family as he grows in his role in the Jewish community.”

Grace Marie Maier’s parents said, “We are excited for Grace to learn about Jewish culture and for her to learn Hebrew which she really enjoys.”

Isabella Marie Maier’s parents said, “We are proud of Izzy for going through this experience to learn about Jewish culture.”

Aria Daisy Leah Takara’s parents said, “Aria being consecrated means to us that she is starting to understand the Jewish traditions (outside of those at family functions), learning Hebrew and the history of the Jewish people and is finding her own friends in our temple family.”

Lishai Journo Weingarten’s parents said, “We are excited for Lishai to learn about her culture and to be a part of a Jewish community.”

Don’t forget that when winter break ends, we will have our first Sunday back on January 9th!