Educationally Speaking – February 2018

Camp Weekend — Guardians of our Earth

Debi M. Rowe, MAJE, RJE, Director of Education and Programs

Our Torah School students in Grades Alef/3rd through Heh/7th spent a weekend with students from several Los Angeles area synagogues at Camp JCA Shalom in early December. The theme of their weekend was “Shomrei Adamah” — being guardians of our earth. The goals of the weekend were specifically: to demonstrate that as Jews, we must be in relationship with the earth and to teach that the earth provides for us, and so too must we provide for it…and for others from it. Our campers were able to explore their relationship with our earth, understand what Jewish tradition has to say about our responsibilities as caretakers and to enjoy the glorious surroundings of the wooded camp in the hills above Leo Carillo Beach. As always at camp, they got to try out new skills and generally have a great time.