Educationally Speaking – December 2021

COVID Protocols for Torah School

Randi Sher, Director of Education

Last month was a very exciting time for many Torah School families with children 5-11 years old as the COVID vaccine for this age group became available. I appreciate all the parents that responded to my emails by informing me of your decisions to help us in considering changes in our COVID protocols for Torah School.

While this was exciting to many it was a nervous time for those families not sure of what their decision would be. Please be assured that there will always be choices for all children to be part of Torah School in a way that works for them and everyone else too.

Discussions are taking place with the Reopening Task Force and the Board of Education. No changes will be made before 2022 and if you have concerns or ideas, please feel free to talk to me anytime. The more information we have the better our decisions can be.

I hope to see most of you at the Hanukkah celebration on Sunday, December 5th! We do not have Torah School that morning so that more people will attend at 4p.m. During the festivities the Youth & Teen Choirs will perform, our kindergarten and new students will be consecrated, there will be art projects to do and so much more! Make sure it is on your calendar, you won’t want to miss it.