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Groups and Committees

Cultural Arts Committee – Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Chair

As the Cultural Arts Chair I work closely with Cantor Davidson to present programs and events that relate to the intersection of art and Judaism.  This year, for example, we started an Artist Beit Midrash to study Jewish texts with the Rabbi and Cantor, and look at the rich history art has played in Jewish life from ancient days to the current time. The second cohort of the ABM will resume after the High Holidays. In addition we are looking at ways to bring more cultural offerings to our temple membership. The current Cultural Arts Committee members are Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Ellen Cantor, and Cantor Davidson.

Sisterhood Book Club – Esther Schoem, Chair

We are a group of women who like to read. Each year we choose a group of books that we would like to discuss together. We meet once a month – before the virus, at a member’s home – have a bite to eat, catch up with our friends and then get down to discussing the books.

Membership Engagement Committee – Linda Herman, Vice President

It has been my pleasure to be involved with our temple community for many years and in many different capacities. I presently serve as Chair of our Membership Engagement Committee. Our goals are to personally welcome new members when they first join. Coupled with this is a strong commitment to encourage general membership involvement in various temple programs. We will continue with Shabbat Around the Table in the new year and once we can physically get together, will facilitate other programs that will enhance relationships between congregants over the long term.

Community Outreach Committee – Andrea Lawrence, Vice President

The goal of Outreach is to grow the congregation. To do this we are trying to not only meet people outside of our own network, but provide interesting reasons for them to join.

In an effort to attract families and the uninvolved, our outreach organization is relying on cultural, social and religious programs. Our outreach community is seeking out ways to extend a hand to groups that have historically felt unwelcome in the Jewish community, such as the LGBTQ community, as well as multiracial Jews.

Communications Committee – Sharyl Holtzman, Chair

The role of the Communications Committee is unique in that we interact with all the facets of TBE – the staff, Open Tent, Community Outreach, Sisterhood, MENsch Club, Education, Cultural Affairs, the Board…all the committees to help strengthen and elevate our messaging in a unified way. We work behind the scenes in publicity, KBE, social media and our website and our effort is twofold – we like to say it’s our job to engage and inform our community and the friends we hope to meet. We are always working on new design and presentation for our services, programming and events so that they mirror the warmth and spirit of TBE. We actively engage in coalition building and networking with community partners and businesses, other Jewish organizations and publications.  We welcome volunteers who might like to do special articles, help post on Facebook and Instagram, do research projects, organize photos or use your graphic design talents. For me this a wonderful place to be where I can contribute my background as a communications and events specialist and help get the word out on how amazing TBE is.

Sisterhood Membership – Ellie Zamos, Chair

TBE Sisterhood is a women’s group dedicated to supporting Judaism, friendship and growth between its members. In cooperation with TBE we have social, religious and educational activities and programs for the members and the Congregation. The VP of Membership oversees and conducts the membership drive and membership dinner. To join and support Sisterhood contact  the VP of Membership or any member of the Sisterhood Board.

Open Tent Committee – George Mayer, Chair

The Open Tent program began in January 2020.  I am blessed to work closely with Doris Jacobson, who staffs the Open Tent program, and a very active committee.  The mission of Open Tent is to enrich and deepen the connections between people within the Temple Beth El community and to show potential members living in San Pedro, Palos Verdes, the South Bay area and Long Beach what makes TBE such a special place. Since our beginning, we have initiated a TBE census, grown the Communication Committee, rebooted the TBE MENsch Club, initiated a Neighborhood Connections program, partnered with the following committees: Engagement, Outreach, Communication and Social Action for Festival TBE, brought PJ Library to TBE and created a TBE video. Open Tent will continue to deepen connections within the congregation and reach out to those who might like to experience the many aspects of TBE.

MENsch Club – Jaime Lowenstein, Chair

As the Chair of the newly rebooted MENsch Club, I am proud to have an active and creative committee dedicated to creating a community of Jewish men.

The MENsch Club is based on 4 pillars – service to TBE, social action programs within our community, mentorship, and sharing good times and experiences together as a strong community on Zoom and in the future, in person.  Among our areas of service to TBE is presenting a gift to all of our B’nai Mitzvot youth.

Board of Education – Dani Paquin, Vice President

As the VP of Education, I lead an amazing team of parent and congregant volunteers in providing support for our staff and Torah School families. We not only plan and execute fun Jewish family-oriented activities and special events, we also manage the Torah School budget, fundraisers and provide assistance wherever needed. We are passionate about a strong community and relationship between students, families, staff and the larger temple community.

Social Action Committee – Rabbi Cassi Kail, Chair

The Temple Beth El Social Action Committee coordinates hands-on projects, education programs centered on Jewish values, and advocacy around legislative issues in partnership with the Religious Action Center at the URJ. Some examples of our programs are providing Lunches with Love for the unhoused in San Pedro, meals and companionship for Family Promise, speakers and discussions around social justice issues like racism, and sending delegates to the L’Taken teen justice seminar and the Sacramento lobby day with the RAC. 

Religious Living Committee – Rabbi Cassi Kail, Chair

The Religious Living Committee works with the rabbi in making Jewish practices accessible and meaningful. There are opportunities to discuss Jewish traditions and to brainstorm ways to meet the congregation’s needs. We discuss religious practices during services, and outside of them, from the timing of services to the kashrut of the temple’s kitchen. 

Adult Education Committee – Rabbi Cassi Kail, Chair

The Adult Education Committee works with the rabbi to come up with a variety of different adult education programs, such as the Taus Lecture series. The committee is also responsible for promoting education classes.

Youth Committee – Cantor Ilan Davidson, Chair

From our Half Pint Havurah to our Youth and Teen choirs; from Yaldei Shalom to SPeTY, our junior and senior youth groups, our Youth Committee under the supervision of Cantor Ilan Davidson helps guide and support all of Temple Beth El’s youth programs. Meeting regularly with parents and our Youth Professionals, our Youth Committee strives to support Jewish programming for our inclusive, community conscious, justice driven, and social outlets for our children from preschool through high school.

Adult Choir – Cantor Ilan Davidson, Chair
If you love to sing, then our Adult Choir is the place for you. Add your voice to the beauty and sanctity of our High Holy Days and other programs, when scheduled, throughout the year, expressing your love for Judaism and prayer, through your raised voices in song.