Cantor’s Column – October 2017

TBE Celebrates the Arts

Cantor Ilan Davidson

Temple Beth El, over the years, has been dedicated to bringing Jewish Cultural Arts to our community. We’ve offered various concerts, our former film and literature series, a variety of liturgical music, our talented choirs and accompanists, and other programs that celebrate authors, musicians, and scholars. I am very proud of the direction of our programs, our choirs, and, of course, our own in-house band, The Moody Jews.

As we enter 5778, it seems an appropriate time to expand and re-envision our already successful and noted programs to better encompass more of the arts. Beginning in October, we will be celebrating the “Art of Our Community” with a gallery show in our Social Hall featuring some of the extremely talented visual artists from Temple Beth El. Please attend the gallery opening on Thursday, October 26, please see the front cover for more details. This installation will remain up from October 26 through November 19, when we will culminate with a reception that not only spotlights our visual artists, but also our temple’s culinary artists. At this event, we also hope to welcome local breweries and wineries, to share their offerings.

During the year, we plan to host more Jewish art in the building, as well as celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday with a community musical celebration, including Israeli dance and music. In the coming years, we hope to build on our successes with more festivals and classes, as we explore the very fabric of our multi-layered culture. If there are any areas of Jewish music, culture, or art that you would like to see spotlighted, I welcome your input, as does our Music and Cultural Arts Chairperson, Nourit Korzennik.

As we celebrate our Fall Festivals, let us realize how our religious experiences are heightened by our cultural heritage. Allow your spirits to soar with the music, your eyes to be dazzled by the visions of art, and your soul to be enriched and enlivened by all that we share as a community.