Cantor’s Column – March 2018


Cantor Ilan Davidson

Since the announcements by Rabbi Briskin and by our Director of Education, Debi Rowe, many people have been talking about our transitions in the coming year. I must admit that while most of what I have been hearing has been accurate and hopeful, some has been conjecture and based in fear. It is my hope to help our leadership through this transition period with positivity and the excitement it deserves.

Of course, we are all saddened to see our Rabbi and Educator move on to other opportunities in their lives, but we must celebrate what these new transitions mean for them and their families. We must never allow our fear of change to affect our love and appreciation for all that they have brought to our congregation. So, rather than a cloud of concern, we should celebrate and congratulate them on the brightness of their new endeavors.

Likewise, as we look to our future together, we should look at who we are and why Temple Beth El has a nearly 100 year history of warmth, inclusion, and true dedication to each other. We are a strong, vibrant community that loves to celebrate with one another. When our presence is needed to support one another, we are there. We have an environment that most congregations only wish they could duplicate. In short, we ARE special in the way we truly respect and love each and every family in our community.

As we navigate these waters of change together, let us commit to protecting all that is sacred in our community, providing the stability we all deserve. Let us pledge to make certain that everyone acts in a way that is cohesive, communicative, and always in the best interest of our temple community. Direct communication will keep us strong, while the spreading of falsehoods could be damaging.

I have complete faith in our leadership, our transition teams, and ask that you, our beloved congregation, join me in supporting these teams, making sure your concerns and hopes are heard, and celebrating all that makes Temple Beth El the House of God. I am always available to listen and share, and my door is always open should you need to talk.

Hazzak, Hazzak, v’nit-hazzek…through our combined strength together, we will be strengthened.