Cantor’s Column – June – July 2018

New  Beginnings

Cantor Ilan Davidson

From the earliest of celebrations in Jewish life, we are taught that there are no culminations, only new beginnings. I can’t think of how many times I have told a bar or bat mitzvah that this is not the culmination of years of study, but the new beginning of the next chapter in their lifelong studies in Judaism. Each step in our Jewish lives seems to be preparing us for transitions, so why is it that we are always so resistant to change?

I have often been asked why I love what I do. Inevitably, part of my answer is the flexibility to change things when they feel a little stale. Indeed, I often feel like I have a little A.D.D. It requires me to keep things fresh with new projects and new directions. Thus, the creation of KindredSPIRITS, the creation of Half Pint Havurah, the creation of our Cultural Arts Programming, etc. have been welcome projects in my cantorate. So many of my colleagues are happy to keep the status quo and not add to their plate, but all of you know that this has never been my way.

As a community, we are entering into an exciting transition. I hope that we can look back at all of the positive transitions in our lives and see how they have moved us forward in new and exciting directions. We will always be grateful and even sometimes nostalgic for the past. We should also look forward to welcoming our new Interim Rabbi, Doug Kohn, our new Director of Education, Racheli Morris. TBE will not be the same as we are accustomed, but our new professionals will bring with them new and exciting additions to our Temple community.

B’rukhim Haba’im—may both of my new colleagues experience the warmth and welcome that has always embodied our house of God, Beth El.