Cantor’s Column – June 2021

Words of Gratitude

Cantor Ilan Davidson

As we reach the end of Shloshim, the first 30 days of mourning, since the passing of my sweet mother, Tamar, we wanted to express our entire family’s gratitude for the outpouring of generosity and love from our congregational community. The sheer number who attended the Zooms for her funeral and Shiva services, and the food, cards, and donations to Temple Beth El, in her memory, were truly beyond anything we could have imagined. You always showed her such amazing love, in life, and as she transitioned to Olam Habah, you were all there to usher her into eternity, supporting us as we transitioned to our new lives without her physical presence. A huge thank you, also, to Rabbi Kail and the entire staff and leadership of Temple Beth El, for providing me the space and support to mourn in the most meaningful way.

We often talk about the importance of community, in times of need, as well as times of celebration. As we celebrated our mother’s extraordinary life, our beloved community was there, providing more than anybody could even imagine. Our entire family was both comforted and enriched by Temple Beth El’s generosity of spirit, and I can only hope to repay that through my work and presence for all of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! B’shalom,

Cantor Ilan & Jodi, Rabbis Nadya & Victor Gross, Shel-lee & Mark Davis, Jonathan & Deborah Davidson, and all of our children