Cantor’s Column – August 2020

Marathon, Shmarathon

Cantor Ilan Davidson

As the month of August begins, I can’t help but spend time thinking about longevity. You see, during this month, I will celebrate a momentous birthday. Now, I totally understand that I am nowhere near some of the tremendously significant birthdays of some of my dear friends, so they often laugh at my excitement about this birthday, but once I explain that my father passed away at my current age, they all understand. So, while this birthday hardly fits the title of my article, for me, this has been my marathon goal since the young age of 10, when I lost my father.

More appropriate to the title, when I hosted our Concert Under the Stars in July, and looked at the wonderfully talented young colleagues who I invited to perform, I realize that, in many ways, my career has been quite a marathon. Whenever I’ve celebrated with colleagues their 25 years of service, it is truly a gift to recognize their service to the Jewish community. But, when we have the honor of celebrating a colleague’s 25+ years of service to one congregation, it is truly a unique Marathon celebration. We should know that the longevity of clergy Temple Beth El has celebrated over our long history is unique and a testament not just to the clergy, but to the special community we serve.

Of course, it’s not every synagogue that can look forward to celebrating 100 year of service to the Jewish community. This Marathon of existence and service, which we will celebrate in just a few short years is something we can all be proud of. The fact that many of our members have been part of this community for 40 or 50+ years of its existence is another testament to our unique Jewish community here in the South Bay.

So how do we uplift this community? How do we celebrate all that makes our Temple the “best kept secret” of the Los Angeles Jewish community? How do we make us NOT a secret anymore? By joining together for a Zoom-A-Thon and inviting our friends and neighbors who have yet to discover the gifts of Temple Beth El. “What’s a Zoom-A-Thon?” I’m glad you asked. In short, it’s a telethon on Zoom. But more than that, it’s a celebration of why we are part of Temple Beth El – the talent of Temple Beth El’s members and friends, and the foundational groups and programs of Temple Beth El. It’s also a HUGE opportunity to support our beloved temple on Saturday, August 22.

When I was a kid, every Labor day was spent watching the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and getting excited every time he heard the sound of the timpani, meaning there was another level of fundraising attained. Of course, it was the testimonials and amazing entertainment that helped us and Jerry make it through the grueling hours of this annual event. Ours will be nowhere near as long, but hopefully as successful for our beloved TBE. Start off by choosing to sponsor the night, and then, while you experience your friends testimonials, your favorite groups and programs, and, of course, the amazing entertainment, send in additional donations through the many platforms we will offer. Together, we can make the Zoom-A- Thon one of the most momentous and successful events. Don’t miss out on supporting YOUR community!