Temple Beth El

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Selihot-Sat. Sept. 16
Deli Dinner, Performance, Selihot Service
Sukkot-Fri. Oct. 6
New Member Dinner, Family Shabbat Service, Consecration

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Saturday, September 16 
6:00 p.m. Deli Dinner from Brent’s 
7:00 p.m. Performance “Freedom Song”
8:30 p.m. Selihot Service including Havdalah  
Dinner and performance is $30 per person. Performance only is $15. 
Please RSVP to Carrie at TBEoffice@bethelsp.org by September 8 
Join us for dinner at 6:00 p.m. catered by Brent’s Delicatessen. We’ll enjoy hot corned beef, pastrami, & more.
Our programs at 7:00 p.m. is “Freedom Song”, a transformative musical, brought to us by Beit T’Shuvah, that will shatter the myth of Jews being immune to addiction. By interweaving a Passover Seder with personal stories of addiction, “Freedom Song” poses one stark question: “What are you a slave to?” The cast members of “Freedom Song” are addicts in recovery who have broken off the shackles of destructive behaviors. Using song and dance, tears and laughter, cast members will answer post-show questions and share their experiences on how best to recover from a lifestyle of addiction. “Freedom Song” will open your eyes to the real life struggle against the ‘bondage of self’ that we fight every day. Beit T’Shuvah is a haven for spiritual growth and healing. Housing both a residential treatment center and a supportive, spiritual community, Beit T’Shuvah approaches addiction and other destructive behaviors with a groundbreaking model focusing on the integration of the whole self—the mind, body, 
and spirit. 
We will begin our Selihot Service at 8:30 p.m. During the service we will change our Torah scrolls’ mantles to their white covers for the High Holy Days.

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Shabbat Sukkot Dinner & Family Shabbat Service
Friday, October 6
5:30 Shabbat Dinner
Welcoming our New Members
6:30 Family Shabbat Service
Consecration for Kindergarten & older new students and Birthday blessings for children under 13
Enjoy a wonderful dinner inside followed by a fabulous service in our sukkah on the patio
$22 per adult - $9 per child ages 4-12
Family Maximum $60
Please reserve by September 24
Dinner is FREE for New Members (New Members since Sukkot 2016)
RSVP to Carrie Hernandez: TBEoffice@bethelsp.org
Please dress appropriately for our outdoor service
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