Temple Beth El

High Holy Day Sermons
If you would like to read any of the sermons or speeches presented during the High Holy Days of the past four years:

Rabbi Briskin's sermons,
Rabbi Lieb's last sermon for our congregation in 5768,
or other major addresses of the High Holy Day season,
click on the appropriate link to the right.

5777 Rosh HaShanah Morning: "Re-becoming the Person That You Were"
5774 Kol Nidre: "Dismantling and Rebuilding the Structures of our Lives" -
         Rabbi Briski
5774 Yom Kippur Morning: "Five Values for Which we Stand: A D'var Torah on
          Parashat Nitzavim" - Rabbi Briskin
5770 Erev Rosh HaShanah: "Casting Light Into a Darkened Ark" - Rabbi Briskin
5770 Rosh HaShanah Morning: "To Every Person, There Is A Name"- Rabbi Briskin
5770 Kol Nidre: "When Sorry Isn�t Enough" - Rabbi Briskin
5770 Yom Kippur Morning: "Who is Rich?" - Rabbi Briskin
5770 President's Address - Eliot Swartz
5770 High Holy Day Appeal - George Mayer
5770 Yom Kippur Afternoon Reflection - Marla Shwarts
5770 Yom Kippur Afternoon Reflection - Marcia (Marty) Cohen Spiegel

5769 Erev Rosh HaShanah: "Reform Judaism for our Generation" - Rabbi Briskin
5769-Rosh HaShanah Morning Sermon: "Living Through the Decree
-Un'taneh Tokef in our Day" - Rabbi Briskin
5769-Kol Nidrei Sermon: "The Power of our Words" - Rabbi Briskin
5769-Yom Kippur Morning Sermon: "Sparking the Jewish Soul" - Rabbi Briskin
5769-Yizkor Sermon: "Reading Obituaries" - Rabbi Briskin