Temple Beth El


In June, 2004, Temple Beth El successfully joined other congregational schools in the Los Angeles area, and became accredited through the Bureau of Jewish Education.

This accreditation was awarded after an intensive year of self study that was followed by a visit from a team of educators from other synagogues in Los Angeles. Our accreditation lasts for 6 years, the longest possible accreditation period, at which point we will begin again the self-study to renew ourselves, our school and our accreditation.

Among the remarks in the written report of our Visiting Team were the following "commendations":

  • Providing scholarship funds for teachers who want to participate in additional professional development opportunities
  • Family education days that bring parents to the Religious School to study with their children
  • Our Camp Weekend program
  • High retention rate of high school students
  • Encouraging Jewish summer camp attendance (Almost 1/3 of our students attend such camps)
  • The creation of a detailed dress code that clearly outlines appropriate dress at the Torah School.

We have also been given “recommendations” for further work on some elements of our school, including:

  • Additional visioning and planning for the curriculum to expand the newly articulated curriculum for grades Pre-K through Heh/7th, with special attention to the older grades
  • Upgrading the library, including computerization and adequate staff so that the library will be available to students and families.
  • Encouraging teachers toward greater use of study partners, small group work, and cooperative teaching.
  • Envisioning staff development opportunities and regular faculty meetings

The full report is available in the Torah School office.

Dr. Gil Graff, Executive Director of the Bureau of Jewish Education, presented our certificate at the June, 2004 meeting of our Board of Directors.

The Board of Education, Torah School faculty, the Rabbi and Cantor are eager to begin work on the recommendations listed above as we continually strive to make our Torah School better each and every year.

Check out our beautiful certificate from the BJE; it hangs proudly across from the main office on the first floor.