Temple Beth El

ROMEOs & Jewliettes

Temple Beth El “ROMEOS” (and Jewliettes)
(Retired Old Men Eating Out)
Last Wednesdays of each month, @ 12:30 p.m.
Think Café, 302 W. 5th Street, San Pedro
For the past few years, a group of senior TBE men and others have been meeting monthly for lunch to break bread together and to share experiences and opinions. You know that group as the ROMEOs – Retired Old Men Eating Out.
In recent months, the group has expanded to include wives and other women who, logically, have been dubbed the Jewliettes.
The purpose behind the group has been to help establish new friendships and to strengthen old ones. It’s a simple formula – and it works. The ROMEOs and Jewliettes meet on the last Wednesday of each month at the Think Café on Fifth Street in San Pedro and are always welcoming to new recruits.
So, take this as an open invitation: “Let’s Do Lunch.”
Oh, by the way, ROMEOs or Jewliettes don’t have to be restricted to Temple Beth El members, nor do they have to all be Jewish. So if you’re interested, invite a neighbor or a friend to join with you. There are no dues, just the opportunity to meet and eat regularly with a group of like-minded fellows seeking to fill an empty space in their lives.
If you’re older than 60, retired or semi-retired, the TBE ROMEOs is meant for you. We’re a group of men of a certain age and life experience who meet monthly for lunch, for vigorous discussion, but mostly out of the desire for male friendship. (If you haven’t noticed, our ladies have spun wonderful webs of friendship among themselves over the years. Our time has come.) From time to time, we also have a “program”—a speaker of interest or a video for fun.