Temple Beth El

Yahrzeit Plaque Dedication

As part of our renovation of the building, we commissioned a new Yahrzeit memorial wall with enough space to serve us for the next sixty years. The new Yahrzeit memorial wall is now the centerpiece of the reflection area in our redesigned and expanded entry way lobby, just outside of the sanctuary. The wall and plaques have been specially designed to be an integral part of the look of our building.

Re-dedicating Existing Yahrzeit Plaques

Your loved one's existing plaque (or plaques) from the original Yahrzeit boards have been replicated word for word and are now installed on the new Yahrzeit memorial wall. While the actual plaques are smaller, the information from each plaque has been preserved.

Please click here to access the Re-dedication Form if you wish to make a voluntary contribution.

Dedicating New Yahrzeit Plaques

Our new Yahrzeit memorial wall affords us the opportunity to embrace the custom of establishing a permanent memorial for our love ones. If you would like to remember a loved one with a new plaque, click here to access the New Plaques form. Fill in the details and return it to our office.

Our new Yahrzeit memorial wall is place of serene beauty and a stunning feature in our newly expanded foyer.