Temple Beth El

Our Leadership Teams

Fundraising Team Elliott Brunner, Chair
This team raises the funds necessary to make possible the vision for the Temple’s future Building Campaign. The current focus is to meet as many major donors as possible who can step forward now, so that these donors’ collective gifts can determine the construction budget to be adopted at the end of 2014. Read more and meet the team members.
Construction Team, David Feldman, Chair
This team is responsible for providing direction to all construction-related consultants including the Architect, the General Contractor, and the Project Manager/Owner’s Representative. This team will oversee all construction related activity including pulling permits, demolition, grading, building, and field decisions. In 2015, this team will expand its involvement to supervise four subcommittees: 1) Judaic Artwork, 2) Landscaping, 3) Interior Design and Furnishings, 4) Security Needs. Read more and meet the team members
Publicity Team 
This team works in partnership with the consultants to graphically design support materials that bring alive the vision and plans of the Building Campaign. Read more and meet the team members
Finance Team – Geoff Nadler and Gale Swartz, Co-Chairs
This team is responsible for directing and managing all financial matters, provide direction to the bookkeeper, the accountant, the insurance agent, and banking institutions. Read more
Legal AdvisorsAndy Kauffman and Randy Ross, Co-Chairs
This team works with retained legal counsel in order to provide input on all legal matters and review contracts of all independent contractors, professionals and service providers.  Read more
Event Team – Jessica Feldman and Sharon Polack, Co-Chairs
This team has the pleasure of planning and executing all types of events to support the Building Campaign. The first event was held on May 4, 2014, attended by over 85 people who provided valuable feedback to the architects’ preliminary plans.This team will plan exciting, historic, memorable events to celebrate milestone achievements. Read more