Temple Beth El

Financial Highlights

The Rabbi David Lieb Endowment Fund's Governing Board has adopted spending and investment policies that intend to provide a predictable stream of funding to programs for Temple Beth El.


To determine the level of allocations for the General Fund, the Investment Committee recommends to the Governing Board annually a spend rate percentage as it deems appropriate in order to maintain the long run stability of principal and income by taking into account last year's account balances, earnings, inflation and historical spend rates.

Under the investment policy approved by the Endowment Governing Board, endowment assets are invested in a manner that, over time, should produce an annualized return of approximately five (5) to eight (8) percent over the long term. Actual returns in any given year may vary from this amount.

The investment returns in excess of the allocations provided to the Temple are reinvested and should increase the assets and preserve the spending power of the Endowment Fund. Returns are reviewed at least quarterly by the Investment Committee and are measured against a blended benchmark to closely match the Endowment investments.


To satisfy our long-term objectives, the Endowment Governing Board relies on a "total return" strategy in which investment returns are achieved through both capital appreciation (realized and unrealized) and yield (interest and dividends). Fund assets will be managed as a balanced portfolio composed of two major components: an equity portion and a fixed income portion. The expected role of the Fund's equity investments will be to maximize the long-term real growth of Portfolio assets, while the role of fixed income investments will be to generate current income, which is intended to provide for more stable periodic returns and provide some protection against a prolonged decline in the market value of the Portfolio. The goal of the balanced Portfolio is to reach our long-term objectives within prudent risk constraints.


For more information, please contact:
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