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Donors Who Care - Randy and Vicki Hulbert

"After hearing exactly how the endowment
works, it just makes perfect sense to
give money to a fund that will grow with
interest. . .It's nice to look forward with
'a plan' instead of dealing with 'the crisis
of the moment.'"
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Meet our Donors
More than 50 families from Temple Beth El and others from outside our community have given to the Endowment Fund. Everyone cannot give in the same way, but there is a right way for you. We hope these stories will insipire you to give at whatever level you are able.
People Like You brochure with photos
Judy and Fred Mishkin "If you are able to do so, you should support the Jewish community where you live. It won't be there for those who come after if those who can give don't give now. It's as simple as that." Read More...
Linda and Marty Herman: "Temple Beth El is a warm and friendly congregation; and it's right now a very important part of our lives in terms of friendships, as well as the religious part that it imparts to us. We believe in the need for an endowment fund to ensure its future." Read More...
Arlene Block: "I don't have a lot of hang ups about money. I think it should be used. I really feel very strongly about the Jewish community. I love Temple Beth El, and I felt that since I had money, I would give to the endowment. Read More...
Linda Katell: "I think that as you become more successful, you owe something back to the community that supported you. It feels good: it's so much better to give than to get. And I like... to encourage other people to give in this way and to experience the same degree of satisfaction in knowing they have made a difference."  Read More...
Vicki Poponi and Marc Kaiser: "Since joining TBE several years ago we have felt the warmth of the TBE family...This is an environment that welcomes all iterations of Jews and their diverse families. Finding such a community is not easy; preserving its precious and distinct nature is essential." Read More
For more information, please contact:
George Mayer310-548-4113 gmayer@coastlineequity.net
Rabbi Charles Briskin310-833-2467rabbibriskin@bethlesp.org